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FUF Friends: Today... Frank Reimer!

In our FUF Friends series we want to feature interesting posts written by friends of Fröhlich ∧ Frei.

We break the ground with a post from our dear friend Frank Reimer. Frank worked for some big companies in the past and is currently working as an Infrastructure Consultant for Red Hat. Over there he has to deal with big environments with a lot of servers. So he is the guy to call when you need a bullet proof admin..

Frank recently wrote a post on Red Hat IPA on RHEL 6 with Active Directory one-way-sync and self signed certificates.

Update 05.2019: This post is not longer available

This is certainly very technical stuff, but very interesting for companies that have mixed Windows and Linux environments and need a solution for central identity and access management. The article explains how to set up Red Hat IPA servers, which are basically domain controllers for a Linux/Unix environment and sync them with the actual Windows Active Directory. This setup could save companies a lot of time and effort.

Thanks for sharing Frank.

Danke Dan für das Teaserbild: Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash


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